We’re contributing to the future of veterinary education

At VetBloom, we believe that competency-based education, innovative digital badge technology, and a collaborative ecosystem of aligned stakeholders can transform veterinary learning & professional growth. We take an evidence-based, academic approach to our work in this area, and publish results in peer-reviewed journals to share with the profession.

Here are a few examples:

We are working with academic and enterprise partners to explore practical applications for competency framework development and implementation using digital credentials to build a secure, tamper-proof digital platform to record, track, search, and share veterinary credentials, with the goal of enhancing learning and career outcomes.

The primary objectives of this work are to facilitate the secure aggregation and management of professional credentials, to promote individualized learning-to-earning pathways, and to enable efficient matching of talent to opportunity in the industry. Our goal is to embrace the diverse learning experiences and pathways that individuals may take throughout their professional lives and ensures that these experiences can be appropriately recognized and utilized in a rapidly evolving profession.

This isn’t just about individual empowerment; it’s about systemic transformation. By facilitating the implementation and management of enterprise competency-based frameworks, we can help reshape the landscape of veterinary education, making it more flexible, efficient, and learner-centric.

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Digital Credentials