K9 Tactical Emergency Medical Simulator (K9TEMS)

K9 Tactical Emergency Medical Simulator (K9TEMS)

Course Details

The K9TEMS (K9 Tactical Emergency Medical Simulator), a mentor-guided, game-based, online learning environment customized to the users scope of practice.

The K9TEMS solution is designed to provide detailed procedure techniques while placing you directly at the scene, requiring you to accurately complete each step of the medical triage process known as MMMARCHHH, which is consistent with guidelines and philosophies of C-TCCC, and K9-TECC.

The K9TEMS solution has been built on the basis of the industry recognized K9 MEDIC Tactical Responder program which has been taught to 1000s of K9 Handlers, Medics and Veterinary Professionals over the past decade. It was developed by a multi-disciplinary team of K9, Tactical, and Veterinary practitioners, advisors and educators.

Begin by building your own customized first aid kit, leveraging industry recommended products for added realism. The items you select then dictates the scope of practice within the simulation, enabling either basic or paramedic level intervention requirements. Next, a scenario based mentor character will guide you through the entire MARCH protocol.

  • Using the K9 TEMS interactive solution, you’ll learn…
  • About the importance of muzzling a K9 in a way that safe for you AND the K9.
  • Why CAT Tourniquets don’t work on K9s and what to use instead.
  • How to assess a K9 for a potential Tension Pneumothorax and
  • For Paramedics – how, precisely, to landmark and conduct a chest needle decompression